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ethical policies

Here at Buckland Hall we believe in doing things the right way – making sure every detail of your wedding day is right (we want your big day to go without a hitch, if you see what we mean).

Our attention to detail also applies to our food and drink and to the way we run Buckland Hall. It's not just a business to us – it's a place we feel blessed to live and work in. We try to make sure we always behave ethically, working in harmony with other people and our environment. We always strive to treat guests, staff, suppliers and our environment with respect.

Being a historic mansion and listed building, achieving ethical ‘best practice’ and a desirable environmental performance at Buckland Hall is a challenge but it’s one we are happy to face up to.

We are committed to avoiding any act of pollution and to implementing policies to reduce (as far as practicable) our environmental impact in three key areas of our operations:

  • Care and maintenance of the mansion.
  • Stewardship of the estate and its wildlife.
  • Provision of services to our guests/clients.

Our ethical aims at Buckland Hall

Here’s what we do to reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint:

  • Reduce our energy consumption through improved thermal performance, the monitoring and careful control of our heating systems and also to increase the proportion of renewable or low-carbon sources of energy.
  • Although all the water used on the property comes from our own spring and borehole, we are careful not to over-use it.
  • We believe that adhering to a vegetarian cuisine offers significant environmental advantages to the planet and we also aim to use as much local and organic produce as we can reliably source.
  • Decrease the amount of waste generated by our operation by reducing packaging & disposable items as well as increasing the volume of separating, recycling and composting.
  • Support local goods and services and, particularly, to use construction, maintenance and cleaning materials and operations which have a low adverse impact on the environment.
  • Encourage the use of public and shared transport.
  • Protect the wildlife on the estate and to improve its habitat.
  • Conserve and improve the heritage of the mansion and estate.

We review our performance and policies every year and continually strive for improvement. We hope our efforts will be an inspiration to our guests and we’re happy to share our knowledge with guests who’re interested.

We’re also open to hearing your feedback so please pass on to us any ideas or suggestions you have on how we can continue to improve our ethical performance at Buckland Hall.